Pine path

Pine path


The Pine Path is the longest of the five loops at Cashel and reaches a similar altitude to - popular Conic Hill. The path is clearly marked by black bands on wooden post. At 5.7km, and with steep inclines, it will take around three hours to complete. Despite the steep sections, a person of average fitness should manage the route comfortably, so long as they take their time on the way up.

The Pine (black) and Aspen (red) paths run together for some distance before diverging halfway up the hill.

From the car park, walk past the visitor centre towards the hill, turning right at the end of the building before the metal gate. From here, head towards the barn and join the way-marked path at the wooden fence.

When the Aspen Path (red) cuts off the left, the Pine Path (black) continues to the right climbing 100m before levelling off, offering a pleasant, relatively flat stretch through native pine woods and peatland.

The views here are incredible — similar to those from nearby Conic Hill. Viewpoint areas allow you to rest and enjoy them.

The peatland to the east is full of life and harbours many fascinating species.

Vehicle access to the Pine Path's stunning picnic viewpoint can be granted for those with restricted mobility. Please contact Cashel Forest Ranger Service via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange.