Code of conduct

At Cashel we have worked very hard to create an area of natural conservation for everyone to enjoy. When visiting please respect the area and follow the few guidelines we have listed below.  Please note that Cashel is within the East Loch Lomond Camping Management Zone and National Park Bye-laws must be followed at all times. You can find more information here.

  1. Please close any gates you open behind you, we have measures in place to keep deer out of the area. If they manage to get in they can cause a massive amount of destruction to an area we have worked very hard to create.
  2. Dogs should be kept on a lead to minimise disturbance to the wildlife;
  3. If you are camping you must follow the bye laws of the National Park;
  4. Never cut down or damage any of our trees to make a fire;
  5. Please do not leave any litter lying around. There is nothing worse than a beautiful natural landscape that has been ruined by an inconsiderate few;
  6. Please bag your litter and take it home with you;
  7. Keep the noise down and lights low after 9pm.

Thank you for following these few simple rules.

Always follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code – a practical guide to help everyone enjoy the outdoors responsibly. You can also view Wild Camping – A Guide to Good Practice produced by the Mountaineering Scotland.