Hydro scheme

Establishing the scheme

Cashel Estate and DHG Hydro Ltd worked together to build a small hydroelectric scheme which generates clean, renewable electricity using water from the Cashel Burn. Electricity from the scheme provides a long-term income for the charity and supports the work we do in restoring and regenerating Scotland's native woodlands, for all to enjoy.  The development was installed in the spring and summer of 2014 and went live in early 2015.

How hydro works at Cashel

Some of the water from the burn is directed into a buried pipe. This takes the water down the hill to a turbine within the 'Powerhouse'.  The water pressure turns the turbine, and this generates electricity. All the water is returned back into the burn, and the electricity is fed into the national grid. Unlike the big hydro schemes that were built all over Scotland in the 50's and 60's, there is no dam or water storage and the amount of water going into the pipe will vary according to how much water is in the burn. A minimum amount of water is left in the burn at all times to ensure that plants and animals can continue to thrive.